Deleting midi outside container after copy with range tool

Hi, need some help with a function
I do a lot of copy paste with the range selection tool
When i copy a part of a midi recording with the range tool, all the other midi information outside the selected range is copied with it.
Sometimes i need that midi, but most of the time i don’t. So i manually stretch out the container, cut and delete the unneeded midi data.
That’s too much clicks for my taste, i’m sure there is a shortcut or a simplier way to do this, anyone can help?

I too wish there were an option to copy/paste only within the range boundaries.
Another workaround (but I haven’t counted the number of clicks :wink: ) is to glue the pasted Part to its neighbor, then split it again (doing so does indeed delete everything outside the range).
I think that forum member Bo Clausen (a genius with macros :wink: ) may have posted a macro somewhere, to deal with this situation, but I can’t find it right now (probably in the old forum?)

…(o.k. pretty happy with myself :blush: :smiley: , but I’m sure Bo can improve on this)…

  1. Create a simple Logical Editor Preset (let’s call it “Select Inside Cycle”)…
    Type Is___ All Types___and
    Position___Inside Cycle

  2. In the Key Commands dialog, create the following macro (let’s call it “Crop Range”)…
    Transport - Locators to Selection
    Edit - Open Key Editor
    Process Logical Preset - Select Inside Cycle
    Edit - Invert Selection
    Edit - Delete
    Edit - Open/Close Editor

wow that’s awesome!!! and i thought i was good at creating macros, this is inventive! where do i give you steinberg user points for the help? hehehe

It only got a bit complicated because the Logical Editor doesn’t have a filter function for “Outside Cycle” :wink:

Otherwise, the macro is definitely inspired by other macros that I’ve seen posted by Bo :slight_smile: