Deleting my files

dorico keeps deleting my projects. even when i backup them, whenever i try to reopen it says error opening file. why is this happening?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Elias. Can you say a bit more about where you’re trying to save your projects? Are you saving them in Dorico’s own app container, or in iCloud Drive, or somewhere else?

i’m saving them in ipad drive.

You’re saving them in iCloud Drive? If so, are you able to open them by using the Files app, navigating to your iCloud Drive, and then tapping on the Dorico project you want to open in there?

i’m not, it gives me an error

What is the exact error you get when you tap a Dorico project in the Files app?

Error opening file
that’s all

Do you find that this persists with the new version 2.3 update released this morning?

Yes, it still gives an error

More details here;