Deleting MySteinberg Accounts

Can MySteinberg accounts be deleted so I can start over in naming them? I have two accounts each under a different login name, one being under an email name and one being under a “ficticious” non-email name. I can’t seem to get the names of each account to be acknowledged as both existing. The account associated to the email login name exists but the account associated to the “fictitious” named name keeps coming back as invalid.

Can I just delete the MySteinberg account name(s) and recreate the account(s)??? I really don’t want to uninstall everything and then reinstall all the Cubase software. My Cubase Pro software is version 9.5.21.

Thank you…

You’re more likely to get help if you post a new thread instead of bumping a 7 year old one. I’ve split your post into its own thread.