Deleting old Track Presets

I need to delete some old track presets. Can someone enlighten me as to where these are stored? Searched around in the User Settings Data folder but didn’t see anything there other than Project Templates, Key Command, Staff, etc.

I am currently running C9 Pro and 9.5 Pro

Hi Michael

Don’t know precisely but I DO know that there is an article with a proper chart showing where all presets and settings are stored. Can’t remember the address and I’m on vacation, but I’m sure someone here will chip in with the details.

Best Regards, Dave

look in “my documents” in …
C:\Users\Computer Name\Steinberg\My Documents

I found an EQ folder under Documents\Steinberg Media Technologies which was nice as I deleted some unused EQ presets, but no luck with the Track Presets

If you select one of the Track Presets in Media Bay, the Attributes for it will show the file path.

However while you are there you could just delete the preset from the Media Bay - just select one or more and hit the delete key.

Thanks, to be honest I never thought of looking there. I rarely use the Media Bay but I guess I’ve found a new use. Thanks for the tip