Deleting old version

I have version 7 installed. Last night I got it upgraded to 7.5.2. I’m on a Mac. Is there some kind of uninstaller for version 7 or do I just drag it to the trash and empty it?

Just throw it it the trash.

It won’t hurt to keep it on your computer alongside the new version until you are sure that 7.5 is working problem free.

I would be a little careful. To get rid of C7 you would have to un-install properly. Just removing to trash will only get rid of the Icon. You have to be sure that there is no shared or exclusive content to 7.5. Plus if a 7.0 project does not open in 7.5 who are you gonna call. Make sure that everything works before you make the decision.

They are talking about Mac, where the app directory is a package that can be safely deleted. Quite different than how it works on Windows.

Though I myself don’t delete old versions for, among others, the reason silhouette said-

Well, my answer was to the question: Is there an uninstaller och do I just trash it?

I’ve yet to come across one of those (among hundreds of projects). But should it happen, I still have the install discs for 7.0.

I meant Ghostbusters.

Thanks for all the replies! I’m going to keep it in tact 'til I get comfortable with 7.5, just in case. That was good advice!