Deleting preferences in Safe Mode


I am having troubles with Elevate Equivocate, it crashes Cubse while trying to open it.
This also happens in Cubase 9.5.41, but last month I used it in a couple of projects, still working in 9,.5.41 back then.
I cannot open these proecjts anymore.
The plugin still works in Cubase 8.5 however. So something has gone wrong the last few days.
SO the problem was in 9.5.41 I guess and the installation of Cubase 10 just copied the preferences, because my C10 installation went without issues.

When I start Cubase 9 or 10 in SAFE MODE- not loading the user preferences- the plugin works just fine.
SO I could delete them and it should work again.
But my question is : WHAT exactly is being deleted? the whole “uSer setting data” folder with it’s content?
Or just specific files in it?
I mean do I lose all my plugin favourite lists, do I lose only shortcuts or color settings?
The start in SAFE MODe seems nothing missing.


I would imagine if you use the safe start dialogue pref deletion process it will be exactly as it is now. If you manually deleted the whole prefs folder you’d lose everything. You can always copy the folder somewhere for safety before trying.

Thanks, I already found a teouble shooting site at Steinbergs.
So I deleted only the default.xlm file and that solved the plugin problem.
I only lost a few adjustments in the studio list, some remote devices, no problem.
Glad my EQ works again