Deleting signposts: documentation

I was attempting to delete a music-frame-related signpost and it took me an unnecessary amount of floundering to find out that although these signposts are inserted in Engrave mode, you can delete them only in Write mode. I couldn’t find this mentioned in the documentation, though it may be there in some place I didn’t look. It seems as if this should be clearly stated in the documentation wherever deleting signposts is mentioned. And I don’t well understand why creating and deleting these signposts shouldn’t be possible in the same mode anyhow.

That’s not accurate… Frame-related signposts can be deleted in Engrave mode. The limitation on adding or deleting in Engrave mode is for actual elements in the score, not layout signposts.

I just now created a “Frame Break” signpost and deleted it in Engrave mode to confirm.

I accept and today I can confirm your report; so why could I not delete frame signposts in Engrave mode myself, do you suppose?

Oops, figured it out. I use a spell check program with which I can choose to use a “US” keyboard or a Spell Catcher keyboard. If I use the latter, many keyboard mappings in Dorico go south, including the delete key (!). I hadn’t switched it to US, and that was what was wrong.

But I’m still not sure, because actually I couldn’t even select the signposts in Engrave mode when I was having the problem.

I suspect the reason you could neither select nor delete the signposts in Engrave mode was because you had the frame editing tool active: when you’re editing frames, you can’t select or otherwise interact with any of the items in the “music layer” (for want of a better term). If you encounter this again, check the toolbox on the left-hand side in Engrave mode to make sure that the “graphical editing” button (the top one) is active.