Deleting the prefs


I was prompted to trash the prefs after having issues with bouncing. I did so but now, I’m looking for the folder, where my settings for direct offline processing are. I’ve got four pages of favorites of plugins I use very often. After trashing the prefs, all those favorites are gone. Where in the prefs folder can I find them to copy them in my new folder? Thanks in advance.

Did you delete the folders manually or using the Safe Mode Dialog?

Here is an overview of the different locations:

I was prompted to rename the folder so it is still there, a new one is created on next start and I can then copy keyboard shortcuts and so on from the renamed folder. I just need the (sub-) folder, where the settings of favorites are stored, I saved for direct offline processing. Or another way to restore them.

The folder, I am looking for, is not mentioned in this overview.

Now I have to ask: Do you mean the “FxChainPresets” or the Favourites? Or…?

As mentioned, direct offline processing. I don’t know, what fx chains are. That folder isn’t contained in the prefs folder, which I replaced. So I think, it’s the favs. Do you know, where they are located?