Deleting tied notes

Tied notes is Dorico are usually thought of as “one thing”, which is great and useful. However, if I enter a note that is tied, and then realise I’ve played the wrong pitch, and press delete: only one half of the tie gets deleted. I should probably get used to pressing Undo instead.

I’m sure there’s a reason for this, but it seems contrary to the notion of a tied duration as one thing.

If you select the tied note and hit “U” then it will detach the tied notes and you can edit and delete the individual parts without affecting the others. It’s a command on the left that looks like a pair of scissors

That’s not what I want to do. I want to delete a tied note in one go. As you suggest, splitting it can already be done by those other methods.

On Windows backspace will do as you experience, whereas Delete will delete the whole thing…
edit: “Normally hitting Delete on a Mac will work as a Backspace key. To Forward Delete, normal action of the Delete key on a PC, you have to hold down the fn key and then hit the Delete key.”

Following on from what fratveno says:

  1. Backspace deletes only the last portion of the note.
  2. Delete deletes the entire note, but the caret stays put. (That’s Fn+Backspace on a compact mac keyboard)

Cmd+Z might be a better bet.
Another option is to hit Escape Return L to repitch the existing note. This works nicely if you’re working forwards, but is no good if there’s more music 40 bars later on that stave - Dorico will repitch the selected note and then jump 40 bars.

I realize you are discussing tied notes and their behavior, but in this case the easy fix is to press option up or down arrow to correct the pitch, rather than deleting anything.