Deleting tracks...

I used to just select the track and press backspace. Now nothing happens. Please tell me, do I have a bug or a setting to change?

“Remove Track” now has its own key command (sorry, can’t remember what it is by default… I changed mine)

Thanks, just got that. Clearly to save losing a track by accident. I won’t ask any more questions till I’ve really got hold of it.
Thanks again.

How’d you do it TrevorG

same problem for some reason (no right click option to remove track in)


shift + delete

Trevor - Like you describe, select the track wave and then ‘Back’, and track is deleted here. ?? If this doesn’t work on your setup, if this is what you are saying, then I think there must be something wrong or not setup correctly.

I think OP is speaking of the track itself, not the “wave” (event/part).

Hm, OK, I have never done a track delete this way and didn’t know you could. Ha! I guess here’s where Steinberg caught up to my backward ways. :laughing:

On previous versions of Cubase you could delete a track using Backspace or the Delete key. They changed the default key command to Shift + Delete, in order to avoid accidentally deleting tracks.

Thx :slight_smile: