Deletion of unused plugins - simple?


Returned old user here and picking my way through what is a brilliant but huge and sometimes complicated program. Love it.

However it may be me and I’m blind or I’m just missing something very simple but is there a simple easy way to delete plugins from the list in the vst manager that keeps getting bigger and bigger . I would have assumed you simply highlight a plugin or group of plugins and find a trash icon and get rid.?

No, that’s not available

In the ‘default’ listing there is a trash can (greyed out) but when you highlight a named plugin it will not show itself and be available?

I checked a cubase vid on youtube and a very very knowledgeable guy looked at this. It was a live streamed tutorial How to Delete VST's From the Manager | Club Cubase January 12 2021 - YouTube and when he started to look at this you could hear and see he was hesitant and surprised at how easy it was NOT and had to come up with some strange workaround to delete some plugins under a different name so that the massive list under the default was still there.

I’ve worked at cubase for a few months now and I think like many of you I realise I have my favourite plugins that I will always use and know there are loads I will never use and I’d like it all cleared up. I’m finding I’m spending a lot of time searching through stuff.

Am I missing something here, is there an easy way to just highlight delete etc etc??

Also I nearly forgot my blocklist in the vst manager is big and I’d like it to be empty. Again seems no way to do this ?

You cannot delete plugins from the “default “ collection - only if you uninstall them from your system.
You can though create your own collections with only the plugins you want to see. It is explained in the manual, also how to reactivate plugins in the block list.

Wow, thanks for the swift reply. I’ll look at that. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also “Hide” plugins if you don’t want to uninstall and just not see them… select the plugin, click the " i" at the bottom left (Plugin Info) and check “Hide”

Thank you for that.

I have created my own plugin list . This is because some vendors Like UAD instal everything even if you do not own them. So I spent time creating a list that showed all the plugins that I actually owned and used. The only thing to remember is that if you do install something new you have to manually add it to your list.

Yeah, wish they had a ‘smart’ folder for ‘new’ plugins that shows newly installed stuff. Sometimes you can miss some newly installed plugin suite stuff when using your own plugin list.

To achieve that you don’t necessarily have to create your own collection, you could just disable all the UAD plugins you don’t own in the plugin manager as described by @Blindeddie above.

Possibly that would be good. You live and learn.