Delta 1010 and new gen motherboards

I will be coming back to Cubase after a long break. I still have my old Delta 1010 and wish to carry on using this with a new computer setup. Problem is PCI expansion seems to be almost defunct?
Any recommendations for a motherboard with a pci expansion socket using Intel Haswell Quad Core i7 4790k 4GHz?
Does pci even exist anymore on a Socket 1150 motherboard?
I am not in a position to upgrade my sound card so wish to make the best of what I have got although will be upgrading to Cubase 7. Any advice greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

you have a slim to no chance of it working on Z97
the X79 platform may work (still slim) and the cost of moving to that is about the same as a new interface.

I also refuse to give up my old Aardvark audio interfaces. I’m fully aware of the fact that any new systems will just not allow me to continue to use my Aardvarks…I have five of them. I feel keeping them is currently more important than any Cubase or 64 bit machine upgrade. My solution is to build systems that will allow me to keep using my interfaces. My ‘new systems’ are old spec, built from 2nd hand components, used as VSTi slave machines.

If I bought Cubase 7, almost nothing I have invested in could be used…would need a new computer, new sound cards, new operating system, 64 bit versions of everything, etc, etc. I’ve been looking at Cubase 7 myself and considering…so much to lose hasn’t convinced me of any gain.

I also have been looking to upgrade to a new machine and I’d like to keep using my Layla 3G PCI card if possible. So far the only suitable mobo I’ve found is ASUS P9X79 LE which does have one PCI slot.

@Scott, are you saying none of the newer Z97 mobos (to your knowledge) have PCI slots? I would like to go for those if possible, to ‘future proof’ my new machine as much as possible…

Thanks for any info,


I recently bought a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 5 motherboard with a single PCI slot. I have just tonight successfully got the Delta 1010 working on it. I did have some crazy buzzing at first, but adjusted volume settings and it now seems to work okay. So far only playing youtube clips, not tested with multitrack recording.

This is a big relief as I wasn’t sure it would after reading this thread. I did opt to avoid the Asmedia AS1083 PCIe-PCI bridge chip on the ASUS and MSI motherboards I looked at.

This was also an upgrade from XP to Win 7.

I hope this helps somebody. If it turns out to not be reliable I’ll try to remember to post a follow up.

Hi! Newbie here. Anything further to report poleguy? Have you tried multitrack recording yet? I am currently looking to build a new system and use my 1010 card but also want it to be as up to date as possible.

Bad news. It seems fine after bootup, but right after boot and every time the PC wakes from a sleep state it is spitting out full scale garbage. After some indeterminate amount of time it starts working fine again, but it could be gamaging to your hearing or audio equipment.

Yuck. I’m trying to contact technical support for advice, but I suspect I’m out of luck on this one. I may resurrect the old PC at some point to build a dedicated audio input PC. But my hours of dedication to this are not what they were before wife and kid.

Does anyone have a Z97 motherboard or any modern bridged PCI motherboard working with this card? Would anyone at m-audio corporate like to make a statement? Bueller?

Thats a bummer after thinking you had it working. I am currently looking at some Gigabyte B75 based boards. The B75 chipset claims to support native legacy PCI and the block diagrams for the boards show the PCI lane going straight to the chipset rather than via a bridge chip. They are socket 1155 so nothing newer than ivy bridge though.

I switched my computer to never shut off, and I haven’t had any more issues with the sound card spitting out garbage. Maybe at initial power on it’ll be bad, but I basically never turn this machine off, so this may work out okay for me. If it is a problem with the sleep mode, it may not even help to have the native legacy PCI. From other forums and the Avid FAQ (which unfortunately has broken links) we already know the Delta 1010s have problems with enhanced processor sleep causing dropped samples. and

And they officially won’t let the machine go to sleep ever:

Glad yours is working OK. Cheers for the links! Useful info there!