Demoing Cubase 7

I like the coloring in the new interface. I think I’m going to like the mixer. What I don’t like is this: the Add Track dialog used to immediately focus on the dialog box to select the instrument. I could use the down arrow key on my keyboard to select an instrument, press Enter, then Enter again, and the track is created. Now I have to click on the dialog box to get the list of available instruments.

In Cubase 6.5, I set shift-V to Add Instrument, down arrow to scroll to desired instrument, Enter to select, Enter to create track. Now, it’s as if Steinberg engineers said, “Hmm, where can we put a click in there so that the user can’t use key commands to fully perform this function?” It was a way to deal with the fact that the VST Instrument Rack still exists. It annoyed me so much in Cubase 7 that I bought a Studio One upgrade yesterday.

Then, today, I noticed how much I like the new instrument list in Cubase 7. I like the aesthetics of where Cubase 7 is going. What I don’t like is the stumbling block workflow.

I really like the look of the interface, much more than Studio One’s. But, I highly recommend that Steinberg engineers gather around a computer with Studio One loaded up and compare the clicking. I’ll probably end up buying Cubase 7 anyway, but I’m not sure.

Edit: But, I hate the Windows 7 basic window borders for child windows. Besides the fact that they should be given always-on-top treatment, Cubase should have its own windows borders that match the rest of the program rather than using Windows or Windows-like borders.

Edit 2: And while I’m thinking of it, the Key Editor needs to be able to show the MIDI for an entire track rather than just for the selected clip. Make it an option please.

This is interesting. If you leave the mixer window setting alone (i.e. do not set to “always on top” nor full screen for any of your monitors, it will maximize within the main window now. So, you can control-tab between the main page and the mixer without the windows bug happening. So, I can set VST Instrument Rack to “always on top”, put it and my VSTi windows on my second monitor, and use the first monitor to control-tab between the main page, the mixer, any MIDI editors, pool, media bay – all maximized. I did have the odd VSTi that was left with “always on top” off, from an older project, but once fixed, I did not see the windows resizing while control-tabbing through everything.

I’m going to try getting used to tabbing through, rather than trying to having a bunch of smaller windows open. So, what’s different from before? In 6.5, the mixer either shares the second monitor with VSTi windows (very crowded), or it’s always in the way on the first monitor (if set “always on top”), or it causes the resizing problem if it’s not set to “always on top.” So, this changes the workflow. I’ll try it to see if I like it this way.

My complaint with Cubase 7 is not what has been updated, but what still needs updating. So, here’s looking to 7.5. Hoping for child window fix for MIDI editors.

I like Studio One’s consolidated VSTi window with tabs on it. There’s another one for fx.

I’d love to have a multi-window option of the MIDI editors (move sub-windows around within one window – the key editor, score editor, event list – see the same data in various forms in their own sub-windows within one larger MIDI editor window).

The new selector for icons on the track comes up way too easily. I’d rather click on the track and have the instrument UI come up that quickly.

I hope that when multi-out instrument tracks appear, that they don’t lose some of the convenience of the Instrument Rack.

I think it’s time freeze/bounce-in-place was updated.

Doesn’t it seem like Media Bay ought to be the opening screen, or at least that our project ratings section of Media Bay translates over to the opening screen.

To reiterate, when I create a new Instrument Track, I would like the focus to go to the choice of instruments (as it is in Cubase 6.5). Please return this functionality to its former state. Thanks.

I like the direction of the mixer.

There’s a bug I found. When ctrl-Tab-ing through windows, the floating transport disappears. It requires hitting F2 to get it back.

Another positive: I closed Cubase with the X close in the right corner, and it did not hang on close ever.

I think cubase synths are powerful. Recently getting to know substract synthezing; oscilators, VLO, envelope etc and then use that “knowledge” with mystic, spector i s really fun. The GUI is maybe a bit cold and in my opionon dont mix well with C7 look but the power and most important sound is great (im not lobbying for steinberg :slight_smile: