"Demon Song" (alternative/indie pop)

Greetings, Steinbergers!

My new solo EP is released today, but since the title is Wait for it… Vol. 1, I found it only fitting to also release it in slow motion. So today, it only contains the first of four songs: Demon Song. The rest will follow – in due time.

:cd: Click here to listen in your favourite digital music service :notes:

I guess you can fit it somewhere within the realm of alternative pop, inspired by artists like Ben Folds, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Björk and Peter Gabriel. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of years on this EP, as the work has been taking place in between various projects within theatre and film music, which is what I normally do. So it’s been a long time coming.

Thank you to everyone who gives a listen – more is on the way :blush:

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A really well composed and performed tune. The solo part was a nice surprise (I am not sure what instrument that is, maybe bassoon).

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Thank you! :pray: That is a bass clarinet, a wonderful instrument! :slight_smile:
In addition, there is a string quartet (overdubbing itself in the chorus, in other words eight string parts), grand piano, bass guitar, drumset and various VST synths + vocals.

Wow. Very impressive. Nicely done.

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This was great. Great singing, great piano, great orchestration, and mainly great composition. Made me think of a Gabriel Kahane apartment session called "Empire Liquor Mart.

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I’ll have to check that out. Thank you very much for the kind words, greatly appreciated!! :pray:

EDIT: Wow, just watched and listened all the way through Gabriel Kahane’s “Empire Liqour Mart”. That was simply mindblowing! Thank you for introducing me to a new fantastic artist!

Now with Lyric Video!

Still love it! Did you make the new video?

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Thank you!! :pray: It uses various licenced video footage and graphics, but yes, it is otherwise made and edited by me.

Sounds great! Love the composition and arrangement!


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