Denoiser not working

Hi everyone
I make my settings in Denoiser in RestoreRig, but when I Render, it has no effect in the resulting audio file.

I found some threads about the issue in older versions, when it was the Sonnox Denoiser that was available. There were two suggestions:

  1. Always press the Apply-button - there’s no such button in the Steinberg version
  2. It only happens with 24 bit audio, so try 16 bit - I’ve tried that with no effect.

Anyone having the same problem? And a solution?

Possibly related?

FKP Music, I don’t know if you can decipher what I wrote in that thread (I can’t), but basically it appears the Denoiser doesn’t render correctly (no denoise applied in render) if you use the Learn (static) function. Also it’s reducing the level about 1.5db with controls at 0% whether you use the Dynamic or Static function. I think both will probably be fixed in an update.

Hi Bob99
Thank you for the information. Yes, let’s hope it will be fixed. I wonder if the same bug is found in declicker and -buzzer. I haven’t checked.

Will be fixed in soon coming patch.

Very nice - looking forward to that. Thank you, Philippe.