DeNoiser (Restoration plugin)

Hello everybody,
if possible, I’d like some help with the following problem. Until two months ago I used Nuendo 3 and finally switched to a newer version (6).
Unfortunately it seems the ‘Restoration’ plugins are gone now. I mainly used DeNoiser.

I thought, never mind, I copy the .dll from Nuendo 3 to the VSTpluginsfolder of Nuendo 6… didn’t work.
Updating the folder from within the Plugin-Information window, didn’t work also.

The question then is: how to get the DeNoiser plugin back?
Any tips or tricks are much appreciated, thanks!

Kind regards,

I’m afraid that will not work.
Sorry …


So we have another regression in Nuendo 6 ?
In Nuendo 5 I can use the denoiser.

I never used the denoiser in Nuendo 3.
Is it better or worse than the Sonnox version that has been included in Nuendo 5 and 6?
Could you use that one instead?

I use Izotope RX2 primarily but the few times I tried the Sonnox denoiser included with Nuendo it did “ok”. Although it sounded muffled faster than the Waves or Izotope offerings.

(sorry my mistake, Wavelab 7 included the Sonox Denoising plugs that could be installed also to work with Nuendo 5 and 6. I installed both WL7 and Nuendo 5 at the same time and simply forgot which app included the free versions. Sorry for any confusion).

This one’s news to me! Where is it hiding? Can’t find it in any of my plugin info.

I’m RX2 all the way, but would like to know about this if it’s supposed to be there!


The Sonnox version is bundled with Wavelab but not Nuendo unless I’m missing something! Personally I never found the Steinberg Denoiser to be of much use. john.

Me, neither. Gave a hint of what might be possible… and inspired search for something that would really get the job done!


It had disappeared much earlier on the Mac due to PPC code not being supported anymore on newer versions on OS X.
As has already been pointed out there are much better solutions available today (RX, WNS, Sonnox)


Obviously, some of you like when (free) things get taken from them…

TYI, I have used the SB denoiser with good results on many occasions, when Sonnox and others
have produced artefacts beyond usability. The fact that other costly plugs exist is a weak reason to
discontinue the denoiser without notice, substitute or any other good reason.

If I’d be using N6, at all, I’d be missing this tool a lot.


Hmm. I didn’t get that from any of the responses. Did somebody delete a post?

It would be great if Nuendo still had at some basic restoration stuff included. No question. I think it should. And… those that were included had become outmoded and inadequate in the context of what’s now available, third party. The Nuendo Denoiser and Declicker weren’t top-flight even when they were first included, and though that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t still work for some people (unless you’re on a Mac :wink: ), it was long past time for them to be updated.

I remember this conversation from the old forum… and wonder what the differential would be with licensing state-of-the-art noise reduction tech, and how it would impact Nuendo’s price, versus, say, purchasing RX.