Hi all

Is there a simple way to add irregularity to quantized midi and get a human touch back?


Yes, you can randomize both velocity and timing. Randomize timing by setting it in the quantize panel. Randomize volume by using the logical editor.

Randomizing timing with the quantisation panel is not the best way actually.

Position (timing) and Velocity randomization can be either applied in the midi modifieres that you can find in the inspector or destructively both can be done with the logical editor

The BEST way is understanding the pro/con of each method and using the one that works best for the given situation.

The random method will work very well.
Thanks so much both of you for taking the time!

There is one gotcha that can occur when randomizing the start position of notes which can be puzzling when you run into it. Sometimes it will seem like a note just disappears.

Imagine you have a bar with four 1/4 notes C3-E3-E3-G3, each note starting and ending right on the 1/4 note grid. After the start position is randomized you can end up with (for example) the first E3 moving 2 ticks later and the second E3 moving 1 tick earlier. Now the note-off for the first note will be 3 ticks after the note-on for the second. When this occurs the first E3 note will play and then then the second E3 will start to play but will have a note-off 3 ticks after starting (and there will also be another note-off about a 1/4 note later that doesn’t do anything). When you hear this it will sound like the 2nd E3 isn’t playing. The way around this is to shorten all the note lengths a small amount so this kind of overlap can’t occur. If you start with all notes’ beginnings & ends quantized to the grid and randomize the start by -5 to +5, then shorten the lengths by 11.