Der Ronin - official video, produced with C7

This is the first official video from my fourthcoming Hiphop album “Combat Ready” (Mid 2014).
The song was completely produced and mixed with Cubase 7. Mastered in the award winning mastering studio “TrueBusyness” Berlin, Germany and post edited in the new Wavelab 8.
The video footage is 100% handdrawn by a Bulgarian graphic- and video-artist who has also worked formbig projects like “The Expendables 2 and 3” and much more.
It was a great and fast workflow with the new mixing console from Cubase 7! I won’t miss it anymore.

Have fun and
Movie Iga

Der Ronin:

Great production! I can’t speak german but it sounded and looked really good :laughing:

Awesome imagery, and the video and graphic content looks sick! I would love to add this type of digital video to accompany my music sometime in the future.


Beautiful clear sound, I like your bass sound so much, nice balance between the bass and strings. Michael.

Great job! Professional sound! I don’t translate German but the vocal execution was rap rhythmic. :slight_smile:
Animated concept is captivating. Good luck with this.

great tune, flows well - dont need tounderstand lyrics to know u gat flow