Desiderata for fretboard inputing notes

I did not find so if ever…

desiderata for inputing notes with fretboard in write page: the use of a maintained key to prevent the carret from advancing and to be able to place several notes in the same rhythmic place:
example for example hold “shift”
to obtain:

Q is chord mode, but I’m sure there’s another way of toggling it for fretted instruments…

edit: it seems to be dependent on whether you place the caret on the notation staff or the tab staff. If you put it on the notation staff then, contrary to the documentation it advances the caret.

(Fretboard panel)
If you invoke the caret on the tab staff, the caret doesn’t advance regardless of whether Quord mode is on.

I’m not sure whether this is intentional behaviour.

Thanks . I Q is perfect .
I only used shift + Q to enter the chords but I didn’t know Q to enter the notes vertically: exactly what I wanted (I have a few tabs to recopy)

The intended behaviour is that if the caret is on the tab staff, then it will never advance automatically, and if the caret is on the notation staff then it will depend whether you are in chord mode or not.


I’ve made a note to review this, thanks all.