Design flaw (or bug): Tools should activate based on Mouse Pointer Position, not Window Focus

I work with multiple screens. On one screen I have the Project Window, on another screen the Key Editor.

First, one annoying thing is the inability to syncronize selected tools between Project Window and Key Editor. But I can live with that, it can be bypassed with a Keyboard Maestro macro. And I understand they have slightly different functions.

BUT, about one million times a day, find myself working in the Project Window with (for example) the Object Selection tools. Then I want to draw with the pencil in the Key Editor.

I move the mouse over to hoover over the Key Editor and press “P” (for “Pencil”). What has now happened is that the Project Window has changed to Draw tool, and the Key Editor has not. Instead, I first have to click the Key Editor, then press the Draw Tool.

I can’t imagine a single scenario where it would be beneficial to move the mouse away from one window to another window, then selecting the tool in the old window. It’s simply not intuitive.

It’s even more annoying if i.e the Draw Tool is already selected in the window that you want to change tool in. Then you have to press that window, drawing something, or move the mouse to the top of the window, clicking, then going down again to wherever you were supposed to do something.

This might sound trivial, but it’s EXTREMELY annoying when working in a tight schedule. Logic (and all other DAWs) select tools based on the Mouse Position, not the Window Focus. So does Nuendo/Cubase as well with i.e MixConsole. Moving the mouse to a fader and rolling the mouse wheel will alter the volume of the fader, without clicking the MixConsole window.

Please. Fix this to correlate with expected behaviour.


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