Design props!

Just wanted to exclaim how much I appreciate the careful elegant design of Cubase synths,plugs and interface!
In my opinion and for my personal taste C6 is looking Fantastic!
I have owned 2 other DAWs over the last 10 years and the others currently do not compare visually.


Completely agree with this.

I don’t think it’s my imagination but using the controls with a mouse is much smoother now and it feels like there is more control over setting numeric values etc by scrolling.

I am very impressed with the look and feel of C6 and its stability on my system. I still get the occasional “glitch” where the FW MIDI stream is interrupted by something or a VST intrument hiccups it’s output (again via FW) but it’s very, very much less than before.

I’m now convinced it’s not C6 causing the problem rather something else on the PC which I’ve yet to track down.


What computer, what Firewire equipment (is there anything except the audio interface sharing the Firewire bus?) Have you run DPC Latency Checker?

Laurence, thanks for the reply and the interest. Rather than hi-jack the OP thread, I’ve started another one with the title “Help with Dropouts” and posted my reply to you there.



At least they haven’t fallen into the usual trap of trying to make it look “different” to the previous version.