Desktop background is transparent

Upon opening a project recorded on a previous version of Cubase, the desktop, or background, is transparent and shows the Windows desktop. Nothing in Preferences lets me change this. I also much prefer the look of the mixer and transport bar of LE4. Anyway to create this in EL9?
Cubase Elements 9.jpg
Cubase LE4.jpg

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Set the main Cubase window to maximized to get rid of the transparent background section.

As you can see CB9 is very different from CB4. You’ll just have to make some trial and error adjustments to get these windows to look similar to the old version. Good luck.

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Thank you. It worked. Since the bar was completely across the top I did not realize it was minimized. And I have spent a lot of time adjusting colors and such but I still like the layout and appearance of the LE4 mixer and I prefer the transport bar at the top. I suppose we all get used to change.