Desktop view through Cubase frame?

I have upgraded from Cubase 9 to C12. In C9 if I closed a project, there was a frame and I could see the desktop and access folders etc there. In C12 there is the frame but the interior is dark and I cannot access the desktop without minimizing the frame.

Is there some way to have the same desktop-through the frame view that I had before?

Kind of confusing to describe, I hope someone understands what I mean.


Double-click the menu bar to show/hide the background (Windows only).

Thanks again Martin. I couldn’t get the “double-click” to work but I found the ‘Window - show desktop’ option due to what you said. Seems to stupidly simple. I thought it might be . :slight_smile:


Yes, this is the same. It should be triggered by the double-click. :wink: