Desparate please advise

My old computer crashed. I just built a new AMD x570 asus MB Ryzen system. all was ok with install updated all drivers including bios Ran passmark burnin testing for four hours with ram cpu gpu all passing. Installed mr816 tools with the driver for win 10 64 yfwbus.sys. All ran ok but at least on two occasions i received a bsod with stopcode pointing to a driver problem. I used windbg and all minidump and memory dmp files point to the yfwbus.sys as the problem… I removed driver reinstalled and same issue …one time only i got a code and issue with 1394hoci sys driver. Not sure where the problem is with this NEW build Can anyone help or has anyone else had a problem with the win 10 updates causing this problem? My old computer was an intel based could this be an amd issue??