Desperate help required with Cubase le4

Hello all. I have songs on my computer in the Cubase le4 programme. Not far from complete. I need to move them out but in a format that can be brought back in to a newer version of cubase (not yet bought). This will be installed on a different computer. My problem is that there doesnt seem to be a facility to do this other than to export as a stereo track.
Can anyone help please, i dont want to loose the individual tracks as i may want to tweek them at a later date. Thank you, Phil.

Cubase LE 4 files can be opened in later versions of Cubase.

You can test it (and even save your files) by downloading the trial of Cubase Pro 12

Hi Steve. Thanks for that. One of the issues i have is that the computer i am using is past its best and i would like to upgrade to a new computer and install a newer version of cubase there. Therefore i would still have my existing files on my old computer with the LE4.
Is there a way of moving them or storing them elswhere then moving them over to a new computer when set up?

If you mean your Cubase project files, then yes, you can copy them over to your new computer.
I would just grab the whole folder with all the projects and put it on a thumb drive.

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