Desperately looking for an alternative to VST Connect

Hi guys desperately looking for an alternative to VST Connect, With the current lockdown I thought it would be a great idea to still be able to communicate and record over the internet. I have tried VSTv Connect but unfortunately, it doesn’t work…is there an alternative?


First, I would recommend to move this to the VST Connect thread.

Second, why it doesn’t work?

Make sure you have the same version installed on both systems. If you want to update VST Connect SE to the latest version (4.0.30), use the VST Connect Pro updater, please. This will update VST Connect SE too. In the VST Connect thread, I have read 4.0.40 update is behind the corner.

Done! :wink:


Thank you! It’s nice to have you in a back. :wink:

:mrgreen: Back at you Martin.

By the way the newest versions are available via