Desynchronization of voices during audio playback or export

Hello, I have noticed that voices can become unsynchronized in the audio rendering, which can cause a sense of rhythmic error for solo instruments, or it can be heard that the instruments are not playing together during polyphonic passages. This happens intermittently, and the sound can resynchronize itself. When I perform multiple exports, the unsynchronizations change location in the song from one export to another. Thank you for your assistance.

Meaningful assistance can only be provided having seen a concrete example of the problem - ie the problem project file. Everything else is just guesswork.


Hi @GauthierCourtial , what you report is something we have never heard of before.
So as Janus suggests, it would be best if you could provide a demo project which exposes such strange behaviour. Or please present snippets of exported wave files, so that we can get a grasp of what you are talking about. If you don:t want to post here anything publicly, please send me material to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de, we guarantee full confidentiality over everything you send us.