Detailed Spitfire Studio Expression Maps

Hi All

I have attempted to use a number of expression maps available on this forum but to my mind they have all been a little incomplete for my needs. They are certainly a good start but they lack a number of key features:

  1. Mappings to existing “standard” dorico Playback Techniques
  2. Creation of new playback techniques to suit some of the less-common sounds available in the library (air, hollow, quadruple double tongue, blended muted sections, super sul tasto, Sul C and Sul G, brushed stroked, measured tremelo, maj 3rd, min 3rd and perfect 4th trills, falls, scoops, flutter-tonge, and a few more)
  3. Mapping of playing techniques => playback techniques => articulation
  4. Creation of percussion maps, instruments and mapping to percussion instrument playing techniques and noteheads.

I tell ya’, it’s a busy space in dorico!

To that end I have created a very detailed set of expression maps for the Spitfire Studio Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion that I would like to share with you all.

There are a lot of mistakes that can happen in this endevour and I think if I put all the desired files up on bitbucket then I could iterate through the various change requests until I get it right and then, hopefully, everyone can use it without issue. When errors are found then an issue can be raised on bitbucket and I can fix it.

So, if anyone is interested, to start out with I have created a project named “SF Studio Template.dorico” and shared it on bitbucket to see if that is usable for other people to use in their projects.

I suspect I am not sharing the correct files so as a first step I wonder how many files I should share? I have created about 55 expression maps but I’m not sure if I also need to share the endpoint configurations as well. Further, I have set certain parameters in the Spitfire Instruments so that I can send the correct commands from the expression maps under some circumstances. Also, do I need to share the percussion instruments?