Details on getting the "sync parameter tags" to work?

Hello developers.
I’ve been messing with VSTGUI for about 8 hours now with no progress. Copying code snippets from examples has done nothing. I’ve followed the “build your first plugin” example to the letter. Whatever I do, I can’t get parameters to link to controls. Might someone link me to an extremely simple working example, I’m talking bare bones, that actually gets this feature to work, so a beginner can see precisely what’s required?
— “If you’ve used the Parameter class provided by the VST3 SDK, you will get automatic parameter bindings between the controls of your editor and the parameters in your VST Edit Controller.”
What exactly does this mean? That I just have only to declare a Parameter/Container variable somewhere, or is there something more specific or additional?

— " The only thing you need to do is to declare the ids of the parameters as tags in the [Tags] editor (or use the ‘Sync Parameter Tags’ command in the Edit Menu of the [Toolbar] and set the tags of your controls to these ids. After you’ve done this your VST Edit Controller will receive the beginEdit(…)/performEdit(…)/endEdit(…) calls when the user changes the controls and if the host automates the parameter the control will also reflect these changes."
If I’m trying to do this by hand without the Sync feature, what “Id” do I put in, and in what field, the first or second? The full string in “myplugincids.h”, or…? Perhaps use the Parameter’s setId method? Any clarification might help. I noticed that in the example plugins, the tags that showed up in the editor didn’t actually correspond character-for-character to anything in the source, which really makes me wonder. Should I just put in those calls by hand? Seems much simpler than flailing about at random.

Any links to documentation on the parameter class might help too. I’ll take anything, because I’m utterly in the dark here. Or any links to better docs in general would be greatly appreciated.