Detect bpm from wave drum sample

Hello my first post here. I am testing wavelab elements 8. I want to know, if there is a feature, that can Detect bpm tempo from wave drum sample? If yes, please guide me.

The only way I know in Wavelab is to make a time selection of a number of beats or a bar, and then use the Time Stretch tool (Process Menu/Time Stretching) to display that selection as the basis for bpm. In the attached pic, I time selected one bar of 4 beats. Then I set bars and beats in the time stretch tool to 1 bar, 0 beats (1:0.000) (or 4 total beats). Then it displays the bpm of 115.6 above (tempo in grey, not the “target tempo”).

I’ve also used mixmeister bpm analyzer in the past, which is very fast and simple, and a good cross-check.
Wavelab BPM.PNG

Thank you. I will try mixmeister bpm analyzer…