Detect Breath

Hi! I have a suggestion for the Steinberg team.
I ve been working in the post-production field for more than 12 years on Nuendo. Most of my work in the ads consists of cleaning recording takes. A really useful tool Nuendo created is the “Detect Silence”.
A really amazing tool they can create now is “Detect Breath”, or “Detect Sample”: you can insert a reference sample (of the breath or other), and Nuendo can search among a track and tries to find similar samples. Once it scans and finds the similar samples, it can remove them automatically, or mark them, or cuts before and after so you can choose to keep them or remove them easily.

I would prefer a “detect Breath” function directly in Vari Audio.
So in VA there are more ways to edit it.
See the newest Melodyne update e.g.

All the de-breath function plugins i came across just suck.

Waves de-breath is the worst.
RX7 de-breath ist somewhat usefull but not a click and forget thing.
I am way faster and a lot more safe/sure that just the “breaths” are edited when doing it by hand.
Just make yourselfe some macros (selct a range, cut/ speerate range/ clipgain - 12 db, crossfade) its a select-range+1 keystroke thing! Works…


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    Waves DeBreath Plugin is a joke IMHO.
    Half baked results with many errors, I´ve never found a suitable setting with this.

best way is: by hand. correct.

“De Breath Macro” is fine and a good solution in Nuendo.

Waves DeBreath uses a “bank of samples” by its own. If your recording matches with these kind of breaths, it works very well. Not suitable for all cases but if you work with this plugin can be very useful with right settings.

Sometimes I use it by DOP. You can “see” the results directly in the waveform.