Detect Silence not working right?

hi guys!

Since Cubase 13 i have a wierd issue:

when i select multiple audio parts for the “Detect Silence” function, i just get a warning saying “No Sections Detected”. And then it doesnt do anything.

In Cubase 12 and before this worked as expected.

Normaly i would do this:

-select a lot of audio parts, lets say all vocals for a big project.
-in Detect Silence window i choose the right threshold and the Process All Selected Events option.
-Cubase will go through everything and delete whats under the threshold, perfect.

Now, i just get a warning and when i click on the OK button, im back in the Detect Silence window…

Maybe im doing something wrong? Its smells like a bug…

Please help! :slight_smile:

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As often, I think we have a terminology issue …

  • If we are talking about audio parts (containers of audio events), the Audio > Advanced > Detect silence command is simply greyed out. So, if you want to treat different selected audio events in one pass, I think that using the Bounce selection command is a prerequisite for any further processing, instead of using the Events to part one.
  • If we are talking about audio events , the Detect silence window simply process the first one of an eventual multi-events selection. In this case, C13 acts exactly as your C12 behavior description, on my end.

Could you post a screenshot of the “No sections detected” warning ?


i was talking about events, sorry i call everything parts because they look like little parts.

normally Cubase would go through all the selected events but now it hangs on empty events and goes back to the first window (Audio → Advanced → Detect Silence window)

In the screen:
you see how there is a little audio event without any audio in the middle top?
this maked the Detect Silence function stop and give me this warning.

in CB 12, it just kept on going and clean everything (delete below threshold) no matter if there were empty events.

now, i have to make sure the FIRST event has audio, so i can click OK and the function with go through all the rest, and if there are more empty events i just just click OK and Cubase will continue to delete everything, its wierd.

This is just a simple example, sometime i have a LOT of vocals on a lot of tracks and then its a lot of work to clean it. This was just one command in CB 12, since CB 13 it doesnt work anymore.

Tell me, what am i doing wrong?

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Hi @WK1

Sorry about the issues you are encountering with the Detect Silence feature. The team is aware of a similar problem that was reported.


at least im not going crazy :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the feedback/update

Just thought I’d chime in on this one here, driving me a little bonkers! Hoping it can just delete the silent events like it used to.

Also, I’d LOVE for the “Process all selected events” box to stay ticked every time you open it!!!

I am having the same WK1’s problem. On cubase 12 the detect silence feature worked fine. On Cubase 13 the workflow is diferent, and have to click multiple time on this “no sections detected” window. Hope Steinberg fix this soon on the next update

yes its a pain, specially with big deadlines i have to manually clean everything up…

i already uploaded projects where half the LEAD VOCAL was missing because of this bug…good thing i had an AR manager that was awake, otherwise i would have uploaded to distribution pffff

So please watch out with using this function!
it can delete stuff you dont see its missing until its too late (like backups etc etc)

Steinie please fix this x

Having the same issue, very annoying, hope it’s fixed soon

Agree, “No sections detected” is very annoying

I know its a pain, but a temp solution for me is going back and forth between 12 and 13.

So I just open the project in 12, skip all the plugin warnings (if I have those, I don’t use stock plugins a lot), use the Detect Silence Function, and go back to 13.

Beats editing by hand if you have a gazillion vocals

I haven’t checked it yet, but did you install Cubase 13.0.40 yet? This is on the list of fixed issues:
“The process “Detect Silence” now works as expected with a multiple selection of events.”

thanks! will try it, didnt see the update yet

im sorry but it STILL doenst work right…with 13.0.4 (Native MacOS Ventura)

when i try the function it just deletes random stuff with audio in it…while others are preserved…

please FIX this steinie its totally unreliable with big vocal projects.

watch till the end…

-i first select stuff manually, this goes well
-then i select a single file, also, all good
-then i select multiple files, and select Process All Selected Events…result is deleted files with audio in it, while this should be preserved!

am i doing something wrong here? please help me if you know…

the danger is that you dont know what gets deleted if you have a LOT of stems/tracks.
You will find out when its too late :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I’m not the Detect Silence expert at all. But as far as I can see, you are using the Audio Parts and Audio Events, am I right? Should this function work the very same way for the Parts and Events?

yes that was confusing, i was using my key commands too fast

but when i select just the events it still deletes random audio.

fur sure this is not supposed to happen, right?

at 0:44 i disolve the part to events, then shortcut to Detect Silence and then I select the ‘Process All Selected Events’ option.
After that half the audio gets deleted while clearly above the threshold of -36db

in Cubase 12 this works as expected, i still backup vocals switching between 12 and 13

im on 13.0.4 where Steinberg says its been solved. maybe you take that offline LOL