Detect Silence problem

Hi Everybody,

I use “detect silence” a lot but in N13 I found a problem that is really annoying me. In N12 and previous versions, if detect silence finds a “blank audio” , it erases it and continues to detect the dialogues untill it finishes. In N13 it stops when it finds a blank audio . Then a window pops up saying that nothing is recorded, I click okay and it continues “detecting”…but if right after the blank audio there is another blank audio , this same window pops up and when you click okay, it closes the window and the function shuts down and you can’t continue. I have to erase manually the blank audios.
Is there a setting or workaround for this?

We also use “detect silence” a lot to separate the titles on digitized recordings. But for us it works the same way in N13 as in N12 and the empty spaces are deleted. It never stopped when it finds “blank audio”. Instead it will be deleted. And no window has ever popped up.
However, we have not made any such settings.
In any case it works. Something is set incorrectly in your N13 or in the dialog window of “detect silence”.

Same Problem here. When it finds blank audio an error message pops up.
Windows 10 / Nuendo 13.0.2

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I’m on Windows 11.

Thanks for reporting, i can confirm this issue. I’ve created a ticket.

Interesting because it works for us with Windows 11 Pro.
On three differnet PCs N13.0.20
Maybe someone else will confirm this regarding the Windows version.

There should be no os dependency. I have it always reproducible when i select multiple completely silent events and process “detect silence” on them.

Hi DSabath,
It was not fixed in this update(13.0.30). Do you know if it will be fixed on the next update?

Hi, sorry, it didn’t make it into .30 update. Fix will be included in the next update.