Detect Silence with manual editing

I’m working constantly with detect silence to edit long voice over recordings.

In order to speed up the editing I’d like to have an option for manual editing in detect silence. F.E. it would be nice (after the detection) to go with the mouse on the selected waveforms and extend or reduce the selection manually. It’s like doing some fine tuning on the selected events to cut, as these are not always perfect.

Just to understand the idea: Why would this preferable, opposed to the “canonical” editing of freshly auto-seperated Regions in the Project-window?

It’s just a step more in detect silence. When you compute the detection not all what you need stays in the selection: I often lose some T’s at the end, or some breathing keeps in… Etc…

So, instead of editing (in the edit window) what detect silence missed, why not doing it direcly in the detect silence window? You’ll have precise cuts already. It will speed up the workflow especially in VO woth more than 30 mins speech.