Detecting a Track Tempo And Adjust it to the Session Tempo

As the title of the thread implies … :slight_smile:

Say I imported a song into Cubase … I switched the Tempo of the Session to Fixed … how can I detect the song tempo and match it to the session fixed tempo ??? (Clearly please)

(moreover, I am having issues when importing REX/WAV Loops into Cubase … whenever their tempo changes they start sounding noisy with crackles and pops …)


Hi Bechara -

Can you give some more details? It can get a little bit complicated, not quite as bad as “How do you do brain surgery, please?”!

What kind of song are you importing? The choice of how to detect the song tempo will vary depending on whether it is a drum-type loop, or a full arrangement song such as off a CD.

If it’s the latter (like a full song off a CD), “tap tempo” might be a good thing to read up on in the manual, then “Time Warp”. Also, do you know about Musical Mode?

Others will be along soon to help out … but reading ahead of time is likely to help you understand the answers better.

What i do is this

  1. load the track into cubase
  2. find the transient with the drum that starts bar 1
  3. cut everything before that
  4. move the track to the very beginning of your project
  5. choose the time warp tool
  6. while holding down the shift key, hover the time warp tool over the wave and move the bar 2 of the project to the transient where bar 2 starts in the wave
  7. Do this for the next few bars and the project will be timed to the wave as long as the track has no tempo changes in it.
  8. once you find the tempo, you can turn snap to grid on and move the wave back and stretch out the biginning of the track that you cut out previously.

Hopefully it’s not confusing

select audio->project->“tempo detection”->“analyze”

The version the OP had back in 2012 doesn’t have this feature…