Detecting and shortening notes that are too close together?

Sometimes I work on MIDI files that have notes one after the other in the same key like you see in this screenshot circled in green:

For many instruments, what happens when notes are like that is that it won’t play both notes. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. And I mean in the same instrument. But some instruments do this all the time, some don’t.

But every time I see these, I have to go one by one and shorten the length of the first note. Tedious and time consuming. So I was wondering if there’s a way to to program the logical editor to detect these notes and shorten the first one just a bit?


If they are overlapping, you can do MIDI > Functions > Delete Overlaps (Mono).

Thanks, Martin. Actually they don’t overlap, it’s just that they’re too close together, and some VSTis interpret them as one note, or don’t even play the second note at all. If you shorten the first one just a bit, then it plays both.


Then you can use the negative value of the Scale Length in the Key Editor’s Length tab.