Determine the spot where an Instrument change takes place

how can I influence the spot of the instrument change?
With percussion I sometimes have the case, that an instrument change takes place many ‘rest bars’ later but it is immediately shown at the end of the previous instrument:

Dorico always changes instrument immediately after the last note in the previous instrument. We know some users would appreciate the ability to influence this, and instead have the instrument change occur immediately before the first note in the new instrument, but that’s not currently easily possible.

The best you can do for the time being is add one more note in the original instrument at the position immediately after which you want the transition to occur, adding it in another voice so that you can scale it and the rests down to 1% scale or otherwise hide them.


Hey Daniel,
that works fine. Thank you. But what do I have to do so that I can see a rest in this bar? If I work with an extra voice and I delete the note, no rest appears.
So I did: two seperate voices, 1 scaled on 1% the other deleted and I see an empty bar with nothing (no rest) in it…a visible ‘whole bar rest’ would be nice.

I also tried it with expression text, dynamics, normal text…but whenever you remove all the notes in the bar, everything disappears…no matter what else is in this bar

Yes, that’s why I suggested you use an additional voice, so that you would still see a bar rest in that bar. You can add a bar rest by switching to another voice with V while the caret is shown, then type Shift+B and enter rest into the popover, then hit Return.

Another way to prevent an instrument change is to input a chord symbol region - if you don’t have any chord symbols, or if the player is set never to show them, then this won’t add anything to the music but will “hold off” the instrument change until after the chord symbol region ends.


You guys are great ! Thanx to both of you :slight_smile: