Deterministic crash changing time signature for staff

This organ piece:

Attempting to change just the pedal to 2/4 using Alt-Enter with Shift-M Dorico crashes to the desktop.

In fact. changing any of the time sginatures at that point makes Dorico crash.

What do do?

And now after opening it in recovery mode 6 times and still crashing, now it works, with nothing different. This makes me lose confidence, I am sorry to say, So if it happens again, what to do?

Per the guidelines send the project, not a picture. Send the file to the development team (or upload here) with instructions on how to reproduce the crash.

At the very least, you need to provide the diagnostics file produced by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report so we can take a look at the crash logs and see what is happening.

@pianoleo, obviously the picture is just to provide some context. I am not expecting the problem to be solved from a picture.

@dspreadbury now that it is inexplicably working again, will making a diagnostic show anything? [I don’t know.]

@pianoleo how do I send the project to the development team?

The diagnostic file will show all crash logs from the last two weeks. Send the project file via email (or if it’s too big for email, a Dropbox/WeTransfer link) to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Two weeks - that’s great.

The crashes are all completely consistent, which is a good sign, and it looks like something that we would be able to fix, if you’re able to provide me with the project file and the steps required to reproduce the problem.

@dspreadbury excellent. But… having changed nothing, or so I believe, the issue has stopped and I can change the time signatures on an individual staff at will. That is odd. I’ll send the project anyway.