Detuned guitar tab stave says "Electric guitar in C"

I’ve done an XML import of a tablature staff that is detuned by a semitone compared to standard tuning (i.e: Eb Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb) but for some reason the staff is called “Electric guitar in C”. Is there a way to rename it?

Btw, I am a rank neophyte trying out 3.5 Pro.

Dear Le Bossu,
Changing the name of an imported XML instrument is actually almost a compulsory step, as all those notation softwares behave quite differently.
What I would suggest you to do would be this (from memory, because I am on my phone)
Go to setup mode
Open you guitar player’s card clicking on the chevron next to the player’s name
Now you see the instrument the player is holding. Click on the little arrow on its right, it will open a little menu. Choose change instrument
Choose whatever guitar you need
Now that Dorico knows it’s a guitar, the little instrument’s menu should have something about scordatura (not sure about that, I 'll check it)
Yes, here it is :
Change the tuning of your strings.
You’re set!
These operations should take you less than a minute.

Note that you might also want to change the player’s name. Double click its field and input whatever you need. This shall be transferred to the Layout name (right panel in Setup mode) if I remember correctly.

Thanks Marc!