Developers: Please adjust chord popover so we can see chords underneath

When entering chord symbols, the popover obscures the very symbols we’re entering!

In this screenshot, I’ve entered the first chord, and the popover is awaiting input for the next chord.
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 2.32.21 pm


(a) Was my first chord recognized or spelled properly? And
(b) Is Dorico awaiting chord 2 or chord 3?

I can’t tell, because the popover obscures everything. As a result, I’m constantly hitting escape to cancel, so I can see the chord spellings, then re-invoking the popover—over and over and over again.

Please position the popover higher, so that we can see the chords as we work.


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This has been requested (and I agree it would be most welcome).

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For now at least, if you’re not inputting local chord symbols, you can input them on any staff - so you could input global chord symbols and have the popover appear on one staff and show those chord symbols on any other staves simultaneously.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into local and global chords.