Device could not be opened

Hi All,
I am trying to connect my YAMAHA THR 30. It shows device could not be opened. I am using a USB 2.0 CABLE and tried all the ports on my PC. I also reinstalled the YAMAHA USB driver, still not working. I can see it’s connected to my PC from THR REMOTE. could anyone help with this? Thanks

AMP connects to PC

On the download page doe the THR asio driver (Asio Driver V1.0.0.0 for Win - Yamaha - Deutschland)
There is this note:
On Windows environments with the latest security updates, the “Memory Integrity” setting must be turned off due to driver compatibility issues. For details, please check the Microsoft support site.

Have you tried that?

I checked, it’s off. I never turned that on

Does anyone have suggestions?

Are you downloading from

And the firmware?

yes I have done both

I’m out of ideas.

Maybe you 'd have some luck at Yamaha THR Forum -