Device drivers problem with Cubase 8 ? Line 6 HD500X

Hi all

(Everything is up to date)

This often happens : When i works on Cubase 8.010 (Artist), a message appear saying that the drivers is not found for the lINE 6 device HD500X … this can happen at any moment as much when i start Cubase or when i’m already in Cubase.
So i switch to my UR22 or my Presonus device while waiting … (when necessary)

In device Manager the drivers are there. Also when take a look on monkey everything seems to be ok , but it’s not the case !

I do not like that !
I can’t remember if this is happen with my standelone plugins , maybe !

Anyone have had experiment the problem … except me ? …Thank you

ps: i also wrote to Line 6

Windows 7 64 Bits
Cubase 8 Artist
Spectrasonics Omnisphere V2
Korg M1
Novation Launchkey 61
Some Waves Plugins
M5A99FX-PRO R2.0
16 gig ram
2x ssd drive
2x sata drive
Line 6 HD500X
Steinberg UR22
Presonus Tube-pre V2
ect …