Device for JX-8P/PG-800?


I know Cubase 8 supposedly comes bundled with a Device for the JX-8P, but as far as I can tell it’s not GUI based and I find that kind of useless. I have found someone who’s made an MKS-80+2 PG-800s Device, but I don’t know how to separate it out into just one PG-800.

Has anyone out there built their own GUI-based PG-800? The whole purpose of this is because I’d like to automate things like filter cutoff from my JX-8P. I have the PG-800 controller, so this is less of an issue in terms of being able to program versus speeding up my workflow. I hate having to record things in by hand - plus I only have two of them when I can automate multiple parameters at once using software.