Device list problem

In Cubase 5 I see that it recognizes all the CMC items… I click on CMC - CH and it does not insert into remote devices… nothing happens when I click on it…all the other devices that are listed that are not related to the CMC will insert. Any idea?

VISTA 32 - SP-2
CUBASE 4 - 5


Please download and install the latest version of the CMC driver. The latest version can be found here

Please be sure that you are running with Admin rights. Please also dissable all kind of bachground services like virus scanner etc during the installation of the driver. Please reboot the computer installation.



Thank you, that worked perfectly.


I have exactly the same problem but the procedure listed above doesnt seem to work, just bought a CMC-CH running on CUBASE AI on PC with XP SP2 as DAW OS.

I also have a Novation Nocturn and uninstalled the automap drivers as I thought it could clash but to no avail.

I have tried both drivers from the CD and the latest downloads. Help!!!


Hi There
I have recently purchased a CMC TP and am attempting to add it to the remote devices within cubase.
Similar to the first post I cant add any of the CMC controllers to my controller list.
I attempting to use it under Cubase 5 on a Windows 7 64bit operating system also with 01v96v2.
I have tried the latest driver as suggested and have attempted to remove the 01v’s drivers and isolate it from my system I am still at a loss.
I understand that people are successfully using the CMC series under cubase 5 so it must not be a case of having to upgrade to 6?
If someone could help me that would be wonderful as I really would like to make use of my new purchase without the need to upgrade immediately.
Regards Hamish McDonald

Which Cubase 5? CMCs are compatible with Cubase 5.5 onward.