Device panels in Cubase Elements 10.5

I’m having problems finding my device panel in Cubase Elements 10.5 - there doesn’t seem to be a “device panel” drop-down on the inspector. Am I being stupid? There is the usual small box for "edit instrument ’ but that doesn’t go anywhere. Is this a shortcoming of Cubase Elements or am I missing something? Or is my XML faulty?
All suggestions welcomed…!

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I’m sorry, Device Panel is Cubase Pro only. See more in the manual. Manual for Cubase Pro 12 is here, but this page is not in Cubase Elements 12 manual.

Hmm… I thought that this might be the case - it’s frustrating, because I can load the XML and make patch changes. Is there no other way of making real-time parameter changes, even without the panel graphic??


What exactly is your use case, please? What do you want to achieve?

Hi… I have an Access Virus Rack XL which I want to run from Cubase. Being a rack unit, it doesn’t have many physical knobs for patch editing. I can use sound diver for editing patches as a standalone, but there is no vst version, so I can’t tweak programmes when they are running from Cubase. I was hoping that Cubase midi device manager would solve that problem, but without a graphic panel, it’s going to be very cumbersome…


OK, I agree, Device Panel would help for this use case.

Do you have any suggestions for a workaround?


I’m sorry, I don’t know any.

Ah well… thanks for your time…!

You could look for some kind of Editor for this device. Cubase Pro is also on sale.

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