Device Panels

Has anyone got Device Panels to control the following Midi instruments?
Roland JV1010
Novation Supernova II
Novation KS Rack
EMu X-Lead 1
EMu Proteus
Yamaha TG500
Korg MS 2000R
Alesis Midi verb
Novation Drumstation
Boss DR880

Any help would be appreciated!

Running Cubase 7.0.6 64bit

Don’t know if you will find them all but check these sites:

I’ve got a simple one I made for the MS2000.
I have the keyboard version not the rack.
It doesn’t work with the step sequencer or the dual voice mode.
MS2K Panel Image.jpg

Unfortunately, these don’t have any of the ones I’m after, but thanks for the reply.

Thanks, that would be a good start! Can you attach .xml file?

Im in the same boat… recent 7.5 update…have to go & hunt my pc for a jv1010 patch panel…I have one …just need to find it, once I do, Ill upload…boost the post if I forget. :wink:

I found the JV1010 panel in the first link a week ago. I tried to create my own for my TC M350 reverb unit and it was pretty easy but takes some time with all units.
One thing I noticed right after I created the device panel was that when changing between saved presets the unit didn’t respond to the parameter changes. The knob values in the panel GUI changes but doesn’t send the changes to the unit unless I manually click all the knobs one by one. I haven’t had time to test this on my other hardware synths and it could be related to this particular unit.

Similarly, if anyone has panels for Casio CZ3000 and Roland D5, that would be great!

pop it over & Ill check it on my unit, if your ok with that?..Ill hunt mine out & send here… :smiley:

Remember Steinberg has a script editor available in the ftp folder.

Thanks, got JV1010 working, so that’s some progress!

Here is the panel for the MS2000… (94.1 KB)

Hi Rotund, do you still have the Nord Lead and MS2000 panels to share? I’m new to Cubase, and learning how to make these panels. I appreciate it if you can show me with these. Thanks!

I repaired the attachment link in @Rotund’s post, so please try downloading again.

Awesome, thank you!