Device Setup

I am having trouble getting to the Device Setup page after installing the Cubase LE software. Also, where or how do I get to the page where I select the Scarlett 2i2 as the Audio Device in Cubase? I need help. Thank you.


You didn’t mention which Cubase version you have but it should be similar to how it is set up in CB 8…

Setting up the audio interface is done in the devices>device setup>vst audio system page. Choose the AISO driver for your Scarlett 2i2 there. Then go to devices>vst connections and set up your Scarlett I/Os on the input and output tabs. After that you need to assign an input buss to each track. One place to do that is in the inspector section.

All of this info can be found in the Cubase operation manual and many youtube vids are available showing how to set up your audio interface. You really should review these a bit too. Also, please list your system and hardware specs for further assist.

Regards. :sunglasses: