Device Standalone Issue - UR824

I am having an issue with my unit operating in standalone mode.
When trying to use my unit without a computer connected via USB, the power LED blinks constantly, before the unit turns off after ~20-30 minutes. In that time the unit operates as expected.

Is this a known issue, and is there a way to resolve it?

Looking forward to any advice!

I wasn’t aware you could use it without a computer. As far as I know, it must be connected to and talking to a computer and at the very least needs the dspMixFX software running in order to do anything with it. This is a shot from the manual regarding ‘stand-alone’ mode:

What are you trying to do exactly?

You can use it as a standalone mixer. Configuration must happen when it is connected to a computer, but then it works as programmed.

There is an option making it automatically switch off after 30 minutes without a computer connected. This option has to be deactivated.


Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the reply! That fixed it. If anyone sees this in the future; Windows machines you click the Control Panel button in DSPMixFX (on the Settings page). On Mac you need to open the Yamaha Steinberg USB Control Panel application.

Thanks for the reply wildschwein. The screen shot you highlighted actually says is provides stand-alone operation. There is also another section in the manual titled ‘Using the Device Without a Computer’.
Paolo’s answer below solved the issue for me.

Good news.