Devices Panel Not Being Saved?

Hi Folks,

I posted this in the issues forum, but no one has commented. Anyone here experienced this?

  1. Select Devices > Show Panel
  2. Panel appears. I position the panel.
  3. Save project
  4. Load project
  5. Panel does not appear where I saved it (forcing me to repeat the steps above)



Well I never use the panel as it just seems to get in the way.
But I tried your repro and can’t confirm as actually the panel remains open when a project is closed and re-opened.

If you actually quit Cubase it will be lost…but it takes one click to re-open and you only need to do it once on opening Cubase, so is hardly an issue.

EDIT…sorry slightly misread your post…my panel always opens in the same position once I have positioned where I want it.

Hi MickGael.

I never use this panel but I tried your experiment and got the same result as you did.

Parhaps the panel is a part of the Cubase system, but not a part of a specific project.

Thanks, folks. I hope Steinberg chimes in and let’s us know they are at least aware of it.