Devices that can be used to send PLE and macro commands to Cubase

Hello. What is your favorite key commands, macros and logical editor presets which did you use very often and which speed up your workflow?

So, nobody?

Start here: Cubase macro collection

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Thank you very much!

What has improved my workflow the most is a combination of macros and key commands used in association with the touch portal app, which I run on an old, otherwise useless, iPad. It turns the iPad into essentially a streamdeck, and I can create a bunch of buttons that activate macros, or key commands at the touch of a button. Best workflow improvement I’ve ever made. I just assigned odd key commands that I wouldn’t remember to a bunch of my most used tasks/macros and activate them with the iPad.

I have separate pages of buttons for tracking, mixing and mastering. Could never work without this anymore. The visibility agents especially (made using PLE) make finding tracks in big projects a breeze.


Sweet! I am also thinking about this one. But I have too old Ipad4. And I think that this program don’t work on this old Ipad. And really don’t want to buy the new one. But I have Push2 from Ableton. And with the new midi remote I will asign 64 pads of Push to the macros. Just one thing that I need to learn them. But overall I think it’s a good idea.

I use a (I believe) 1st gen iPad mini. It still runs on os9. You might be surprised.

Hmmmm. My IPad was purchased in 2012) lol ) I don’t think that it will be work with this App…

Mine is also purchased 2012. I’m telling you, it’s a lightweight app. It’s basically the only app that can run on this old iPad. Look into it.

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Touch portal right? Is this free app btw and I need just Bluetooth on my PC? I am on Windows 10

I use Avid Control, which has an excellent soft button facility amongst its incredibly powerful armory. I’ve stopped using all other software controllers for Cubase since I was introduced to this.

You can create macros within each button in the app (easier to create them here than in Cubase itself), and it also means you can make the same macros available across machines, or between versions.

It integrates perfectly with Cubase and best of all it’s free. Steinberg have provided extensive support for it, including channel control, monitoring, key commands, metering et al. It’s like a ‘Cubase best kept secret’!

Here it is :Avid Control

And here’s a good video of how to get it up and running: Using Avid Control with Cubase


Touch portal on App Store. Download the windows client from here.

The free version limits the amount of buttons. I strongly recommend the paid version (via in app purchase). You can make pages with tons of buttons, assign them to virtual key presses. It works via Wifi, not Bluetooth.

I tried Avid control but couldn’t get my iPad to be recognized. I would love to get this working as a way to remote control my daw from the tracking room. Do you know if any guides or videos on how to set it up properly?

I’ve added a video to my post above.

As the guy says, it’s a game-changer. Everyone using Cubase that has an iPad should take a look at it. I don’t understand why it’s so little known - I only discovered it myself a short time ago!

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The standard Avid Control set-up for Cubase includes hundreds (and I do mean ‘hundreds!’ - 80-something pages of them, IIRC) of ready-created soft buttons to control almost anything in Cubase you could imagine. Personally I found that too over-facing, so I deleted the lot and replaced with a couple of pages of my own.

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Nice. But I don’t think that my super old Ipad can install this one…

Have you tried Metagrid?

It won’t go back to a version 1 iPad, but I think 4 and beyond still works with the basic, not pro version.

I use lots of macros and PLE but with
14bitmidi Sherlock Plugin with a 24" touchscreen

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Looks nice for sure!

Hello, what do you recommend for Android?